Athletics Student Advisory Board

The mission of the student advisory board for athletics is to help the Department of Athletics and Recreation live out its core values of Community, Develop and Compete and in doing so, support the overall mission of Macalester College. The board will be tasked with providing guidance to the athletics director and the administration on issues of importance and will promote an understanding of intercollegiate athletics and recreation among others within the campus community. 

Although the board will not set or execute policy, they will serve in a role that will empower them to influence policy development for the department. The board will also serve in helping to build a stronger connection between varsity athletics, recreation, all students, and academic life.  

The student advisory board will meet with the Director of Athletics and other department staff bi-weekly to discuss current events in athletics, intramurals, club sports, recreation, and physical education.

Current Chair: Donnie Brooks (Director of Athletics)

Macalester Dining Advisory Board

The Dining Advisory Committee will work on projects pertaining to Bon Appetit such as repricing meal plans, expanding meal-swipe flexibility, and access for meals during breaks. It consists of staff, students, and Bon Appetit staff, and is co-chaired by Dave Berglund (Associate VP of Finance) and Amy Jackson (GM of Bon Appetit).

Current Chair: Dave Berglund, Associate VP for Finance

Admissions Advisory Committee

This committee serves as an advisory board to the Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid, Jeff Allen. The advisory committee (4-5 members) will meet twice each semester, giving students the opportunity to contribute their thinking to the division’s recruiting and admissions efforts. In turn, students will learn more about Macalester’s work to enroll the next generation of students. Ideally, one student serves on the Board of Trustees Admissions Committee.

Current Chair: Jeff Allen

Student Reps: Annabella Frentz, Kamini Ramakrishna, Brian Zou, Michelle Osiro

Title IX Student Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Title IX Student Advisory Committee is to meet, regularly, with the Office of Title IX and Equity and be an active voice representing the student body. The TIXSAC will provide feedback to the Office of Title IX and Equity on matters of policy, procedure, and protocol. The TIXSAC will be an active partner providing input as the Office of Title IX and Equity continues to evaluate and refine the robust, fair, and equitable process that is available to community members who engage the office and seek services.

Current Chair: Regina Curran

Student Reps: Rebecca Gentry, Frances Redpath, Daniel Chechelnitsky

Student Employment Advisory Committee

The Student Employment Advisory Committee serves as a liaison between the Macalester community and Employment Services, Financial Aid, and Student Employment. SEAC addresses the concerns of faculty, staff, and students with regard to student employment and of those who supervise student employees. The committee also serves the Student Employment Office in an advisory capacity in determining the current and future direction of student employment at Macalester College. SEAC meets monthly at a mutually agreed upon time. Students must have a work-study award to serve on this committee.