Macalester College Student Government has four (4) standing cross-campus committees that consist of class representatives, executive board members (as chair), and at-large members. The MCSG Cabinet consists of six (6) issue-based officers.

The Executive Board and Legislative Body also appoint and approve student representatives to Campus-Wide Committees that are made of up Faculty, Staff, and Administrators. Each year, MCSG also has a Student Liaison to the Board of Trustees, selected through an application process.

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) is dedicated to representing students in any and all areas related to academics at Mac including those relating to policy, practices, and proposals of an academic nature. The AAC also addresses areas involving admissions and financial aid, academic buildings and facilities, the academic advising system, the textbook reserve program, and tenure/personnel policies of the faculty.

Financial Affairs Committee

The Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) manages MCSG’s money (i.e. the student activity fee). The FAC works with student organizations to efficiently and responsibly allocate money for events and programs in and around the Macalester community. The FAC reviews budget submissions for the upcoming year in April; however, throughout the course of the semester the FAC also reviews any requests for additional allocations.

Program Board

The Program Board (PB) is the programmatic arm of MCSG responsible for cultural, educational, and social programming on campus by utilizing a portion of student activity fees. PB hopes to promote and foster student leadership and collaboration.

President’s Cabinet

The President’s Cabinet aims to provide a place within MCSG to address broader issues faced by our community and the roles of the elected officers who serve on the cabinet have been tailored to represent the core values of Macalester. They will work to ensure MCSG’s work is mindful of their issue areas and also bring their own initiatives and projects.

Student Organizations Committee

The Student Organizations Committee (SOC) provides a range of services for student orgs including facilitating successful recruitment, advocating for student organizations to college departments/administration, assisting with leadership transitions and advertising and promoting student org work and accomplishments. The SOC also works with MCSG to create and sustain the overall student org body and guidelines including performing audits on student orgs and working with students to charter new organizations.

Communications and Engagement Committee

The Communications and Engagement Committee (CEC) is the primary group in charge of MCSG’s communications and engagement with the student body. The CEC works to ensure transparency and student body engagement in MCSG initiatives, as well as to ensure MCSG presence in all relevant student body issues. The CEC also works with the EPC to promote elections.

Campus Committees

Are you interested in learning what’s going on around campus and having a seat at those tables? Become a student representative on a Campus Committee! Each Campus Committee deals with a specific aspect or aspects of the college and are made up of Faculty, Staff, and Administrators.

Student Liaison to the Board of Trustees

The Student Liaison to the Board of Trustees will serve the interest of the Macalester community as a whole, while offering a student perspective, coordinating the student representatives for the Board. The liaison must meet the same standard of professionalism required of trustees and maintain the confidence of sensitive information.