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All bills, resolutions, Judicial Council Rulings, and contracts That impact the governance or Operations of Student Government on record are included below. Voting Records are posted as available.

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Note: Not all bill numbers are represented here; numbers that are skipped represent bills that were introduced but not passed.


Judicial Council Rulings



B0024: A Bill to Create an MCSG Graduate School Admission Test (GSAT) Grant Program

B0023: Omnibus 2017: A Bill to Amend the MCSG Bylaws and the MCSG Election Code

B0022: A Bill to Support Club Sports by Extending Access to the Travel Grant Fund

Approved by the LB on April 25, 2017. This bill allows club sports the ability to apply for travel funding from the Travel Grant Fund, as they have no other sources of funding for travel. Club sports applying must still follow the same guidelines as any other group applying to use the Travel Grant Fund.

B0021: A Bill to Extend the FAC’s Funding Latitude

Approved by the LB on April 4, 2017. Bill 0021 increases the amount of money the Financial Affairs Committee can independently vote on and allocate to orgs. It also implements a system of accountability by which members of the FAC can bring allocations of any amount to the LB, should they feel it necessary.

B0019: A Bill to Formalize the Book Bank Program

Approved by the LB on December 6, 2016. This bill authorizes the continuation of the Book Bank program. The purpose of the Book Bank program is to foster a space on campus where students can donate textbooks or grab textbooks donated by other Macalester students. The program hopes to reduce the financial burden of buying textbooks and give textbooks more utility before they are no longer needed.

B0018: A Bill to Recognize Outstanding Student Educators at Macalester

Approved by the LB on November 29, 2016. This bill authorizes the creation of the Outstanding Student Educator of the Year award. This award will recognize the outstanding student teaching at Macalester. This new award hopes to recognize the students that work tireless to bring academic excellence to other students. From SI Leaders, preceptors, to language tutors, the award will bring spotlight to those that have made a positive contribution to the academic experience of Macalester students.

B0017: A Bill to Amend the Bylaws to Fund The Mac Weekly and WMCN 91.7

Approved by the LB on November 15, 2016. This bill revises the MCSG’s funding structures concerning The Mac Weekly and WMCN 91.7 such that both will be provided with operating fees independent of student organization budgeting processes, to be reviewed and amended as needed every two years.

B0016: A Bill to Formalize and Revise the Textbook Reserve Program

Approved by the LB on November 1, 2016. Bill #0016 is a simple update and formalization of the Textbook Reserve Program. With the 2016-2017 Academic Affairs Committee members as co-authors, the bill ensures clear, but necessarily flexible guidelines for the application, selection, and purchasing of textbooks based on student and faculty requests.

B0015: Omnibus 2016: A Bill to Amend the MCSG Bylaws and the MCSG Election Code

Approved by the LB on September 27, 2016. This bill updates and revises the MCSG Bylaws and Election, particularly in regards to the addition of three Issue-Based Officers (the MCSG President’s Cabinet) and the timing of MCSG Elections.

B0013: Revision of the Bill to Create a Textbook Reserve Program Fund

Approved by the LB on December 8, 2015. This bill revises the Textbook Reserve Program’s funding and decision-making process concerning books to purchase. It also revises the methods used by the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) to purchase books.

B0012: A Bill to Edit the SSRC and Vice President Sections of the Bylaws

Approved by the LB on December 1, 2015. This bill updates and revises the sections of the MCSG bylaws concerning the role and duties of both the Vice President and the Student Services and Relations Committee (SSRC).

B0011: Omnibus 2015: A Bill to Amend the MCSG Bylaws

Approved by the LB on September 29, 2015. This bill updates and revises the MCSG bylaws, including separating the bylaws into four different documents: the MCSG Bylaws, the MCSG Election Code, the Lectures Coordination Board Policy,  and the Student Organization/Media Policy.

B0010: Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Approved by the LB on April 28, 2015. This bill establishes the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) as a campus committee in holding with MCSG and NCAA requirements.The SAAC will include two representatives from each of the 19 varsity sports, a seven-person executive board, and one non-athlete representative from the Legislative Body as a non-voting member.

B0007: Class Representatives Responsibilities 

Approved by the LB on April 14, 2015. This bill outlines the responsibilities of elected class representatives. This bill was created in order to more clearly outline the role of class representatives on the Legislative Body. This bill addresses their responsibilities outside of committee work. New responsibilities include hosting an event per semester to gather feedback from students, meeting at the beginning of each semester for 60 minutes of brainstorming, and creating a transition document at the end of the year to facilitate greater communication.

B0006: Union Park District Council Board

Approved by the LB on March 31, 2015. This bill establishes a Campus Committee position for a student to serve on the Union Park neighborhood governing board. The Union Park District Council Board has expressed interest in having a Macalester student on their board to hear Macalester student opinions. The representative will be required to attend all Union Park District Council Board meetings and once a semester report back to the Legislative Body on the Council’s work.

B0005: Compostable Dishware FOAPAL

MacWeekly Coverage

Approved by the LB on February 17, 2015. This bill establishes a FOAPAL account dedicated for the purchase of compostable dishware through Macalester’s distribution system operated by Loeffler and Business Services. The FOAPAL will be available for use by MCSG, its committees, and any entity receiving money from the student activity fee.

B0004: Midnight Breakfast 2014

This bill establishes that MCSG will allocate $596.00 as their share of the Midnight Breakfast costs from the operating fund for the 2014 Midnight Breakfast.

B0003: MCSG Sustainability Officer

This bill establishes the creation of a Sustainability Officer position in alignment with the mission of MCSG’s new Sustainability Task Force. This position will generally monitor Macalester’s progress on institutional sustainability goals, serve on the Sustainability Advisory Committee, and act as a liason between the Sustainability Office and MCSG. Further commitments required by this position are outlined in the bill.

B0001: A Bill Amending the Macalester College Student Government Bylaws
Approved by the LB on September 16, 2014 by 21-0 (needed 2/3rds to amend bylaws), the MCSG bylaws were amended. Changes included a proposition to elect a Speaker for the Legislative Body, clarified language on various issues, reassigned duties for the MCSG staff.

A Bill Creating a Textbook Reserve Program Fund
Approved by the LB in the Fall of 2013, the Textbook Reserve Program Fund Bill established a guaranteed fund with an annual $10,000 investment made up of rollover funds first and completed with the operated fund. The fund is solely used for the purchase of additional textbooks to expand the course offerings in the Textbook Reserve Program, housed in the DeWitt Wallace Library.

A Bill Establishing the Accuracy of Information Act
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Approved by the LB on April 30, 2013 by 15-2 (needed 2/3rds to amend bylaws), the Accuracy of Information Act creates guidelines for MCSG surveys. When polling the student body regarding expenditures exceeding $3,000 meant to be representative of the student body’s interests, a response rate of 40% must be achieved before spending can commence. To better gauge student opinion, surveys must be sent to a random sample of no less than 300 students and not presented as reflective of student opinion until a response rate of 60% is achieved.

A Bill Establishing the Task Force on Membership Requirements (TMR)
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Approved by the LB in the Spring of 2014, this bill created the TMR to review membership requirements of MCSG elected representatives. The TMR consisted of five (5) members: one representative from each class and one member of the Executive Board. On March 11, 2014, the TMR (chaired by Aramis Mendez ’17) presented their findings after meeting with the Judicial Council and legal counsel. Read their full report here.

A Bill Regarding the Rollover Funds
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Approved by the LB on October 30, 2012, the Rollover Bill created a system for end of the year financial surplus (unspent allocations) to be re-allocated across various parts of MCSG. After $20,000 is placed in a reserve fund, the rest of the rollover is allocated as follows:

Recipient Percentage of Allocation
Program Board (PB) 25%
Capital Fund 16.667%
Operating Fund 16.667%
Travel Grant Fund 16.667%
Student Lounge 8.333%
SORC Materials 5%
Textbook Reserve Program 7%
SSRC’s Community Chest 5%

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R0002: Test Optional Proposal

Resolved on March 7, 2017. This resolution outlines the arguments in favor of test optional, including how it aligns with Macalester College’s mission as an institution of higher education. It will be submitted as a proposal to President Brian Rosenberg, who will consider it and make a decision on moving forward by the end of the semester.

R0001: Resolution: Moratorium on Private Oil and Gas Partnerships

Resolved on February 21, 2017. It provides the history and challenges of fossil fuel investment at Macalester and its wider impacts. The resolution calls for Macalester College’s Administration and Board of Trustees to enact a moratorium on private oil and gas partnerships to divest from funding fossil fuel infrastructure.

A Resolution Calling for Increased Permanent Funding for Summer Academic and Career-Related Opportunities

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Resolved on April 14, 2015, the resolution calls for increased permanent funding allocated by Macalester to specifically support funding for unpaid summer academic and career-related opportunities. The resolution aims to allow students completing a summer academic and career-related opportunity to register their experience for credit and have the cost waived. These actions were taken as a result of the extremely limited and exclusive funding opportunities for summer academic and career-related opportunities. This resolution builds upon action by the Board of Trustees in January 2014 when they expressed the desire to “Strengthen the connections between a liberal arts education and vocation by making more obvious and accessible the paths from the student experience at Macalester to eventual careers.”

A Resolution Addressing Income Inequality at Macalester

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Resolved at the Student Assembly on April 14, 2015, the resolution calls Macalester to action regarding the current state of income inequality in employees of Macalester College. The resolution calls for movement toward an income ratio of 18:1 by 2020. It specifically addresses wages of subcontracted employees, calling that they be renegotiated to the minimum pay Macalester College allows for its staff ($14.17/hour adjusted for inflation using the BLS’s yearly unchained CPI measure) by 2020. The resolution also calls for the creation of an Income Inequality Commission to work further on the aforementioned goals.

A Resolution Regarding College Policy on Indecent Exposure

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Resolved by the LB on April 7, 2015, the resolution regarding college policy on Indecent Exposure calls for the administration to reconsider the current policy and instead replace it with the rhetoric of “obscene exposure” (see resolution for explanation of the difference between indecent and obscene). The resolution supports creating particular circumstances where students may use their bodies as forms of expression, it attempts to create legislation supporting a safe and respectful community for those not participating while also taking into consideration those students who may want to participate in this particular form of expression.

A Resolution Calling for Greater Faculty Diversity
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Resolved by the LB in the Spring of 2014, the resolution calling for greater faculty diversity represents a year-long and ongoing lobbying effort by the student body to have the Macalester administration commit to designate 7-10 tenure-track positions explicitly and exclusively for new faculty of color hires over the next 35 years.

A Resolution Calling for Greater TGI Inclusivity
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Resolved by the LB in the Spring of 2014, the resolution calling for greater TGI inclusivity demonstrates MCSG support for a substantial increase in the availability of all gender and single-use facilities on campus to be comparable to or greater than the availability of gender-segregated facilities, and that such facilities should be clearly signed and available in every campus building, and that institutional policies surrounding name preferences and changes should be clearly communicated to students seeking changes and provide greater flexibility regarding documentation and distinctions between preferred and legal names. See the following MacWeekly article on related institutional changes with bathroom facilities.

A Resolution Regarding 2012-13 College Staffing Cuts
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Resolved by the LB in the Spring of 2013, the resolution in opposition to Staffing Cuts in critical area on campus calls on Macalester College to consider balancing crucial student needs – including but not limited to spiritual life, mental health counseling, medical services, academic support, and multicultural life – in its strategic planning process with other important budget priorities.

A Resolution Regarding Fossil Fuel Divestment
MacWeekly Coverage of Fossil Free Mac
Resolved by the LB in the 2012-13 session, the resolution in support of Fossil Fuel Divestment urges Macalester College to initiate a process to explore socially and fiscally responsible divestment from the fossil fuel industry, while stimulating dialogue about global warming and maintain its reputation as a national leader in climate action as a form of global citizenship.

A Resolution Supporting Contingent Faculty
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Resolved by the LB in the 2013-14 session, the resolution to support contingent faculty states that MCSG supports efforts for contingent faculty to organize a union to pursue their common interests and that MCSG expects Macalester College as an institution along with individual administrators to commit to a position of neutrality and noninterference toward contingent faculty organizing a union, and that no funds from tuition or other sources will be spent discouraging or dissuading union organizing.

A Resolution Supporting the 2014 Real Food Campus Commitment Action Plan
MacWeekly Coverage of the Real Food Commitment
Resolved by the LB in the Spring of 2014, the resolution supporting the 2014 Real Food Campus Commitment Action Plan that specifically outlines a plan to reach 30% “Real Food” sourcing in Macalester’s Bon Appetit. Read the full Action Plan here.

A Resolution Supporting the Proposed 2014 MPIRG Fall Contract with Amendments
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Resolved by the LB on April 29, 2014, the resolution support the proposed 2014 MPIRG Fall contract with amendments recommends that the 2014-15 LB consider the previously negotiated contract between MCSG and MPIRG before the referendum was invalidated by the Judicial Council and MPIRG suggested a semester extension to allow for another student body referendum.

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Judicial Council Rulings

Judicial Council Report on Membership Requirements
The Judicial Council (JC) report released on February 9, 2014 on membership requirements is an outline of the hierarchy of student government within campus policy and governance. The JC recommends MCSG consider “make membership requirements more or less permissive than those concerning other student orgs.”

Judicial Council Ruling on Spring 2014 MPIRG Referendum
The Judicial Council (JC) ruled regarding the April 5-6 appeal of the MPIRG Referendum that “published results of the MPIRG Referendum are invalid” due in proper election procedure.

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MPIRG Contract (2010-2014)

MPIRG/MCSG Memorandum of Understanding (April 28, 2014)
An agreement proposed by MPIRG in lieu of the Judicial Council ruling on the Spring 2014 MPIRG referendum to extend the current contract for one semester and hold a new referendum in the fall semester of 2014,

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Local, Ethical, and Sustainable Restaurant Database- MCSG has developed a restaurant database to encourage our institutional support of local, immigrant owned, minority owned, sustainable and ethical businesses. The mission of the database is to bring a wider range of food to campus while supporting businesses that are locally owned, immigrant or migrant owned, use a sustainable and ethical business model or a combination of these. This list is made to be easily accessible across campus with the goal of informing catering needs and encouraging departments and student organizations to support these establishments rather than turning to Dominos or Jimmy Johns, etc.