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Elections Procedures Commission 

The Election Procedures Commission is charged with ensuring that all MacalesterCollege Student Government elections and student-based referenda are performed in accordance with the MCSG Election Code and Constitution. They plan the election schedule and organize events including candidate debates and forums and also evaluate the validity of any election complaint. The Election Procedures Commission meets one to two times a semester.

Current Chair: Shreya Nagdev

Student Reps: 

Income Inequality commission

The Income Inequality Committee serves as the middle communication point between MCSG, the SSRC, and the administration in addressing issues surrounding income disparity, wage gaps, lack of financial resources, and how Macalester can work with prospective low-income students around the Twin Cities. This is a developing committee that is looking for students who are willing to spend time identifying and learning about the issues of income inequality on Macalester’s campus and work with the student body in developing effective, long-lasting solutions.

Send us your comments on the Income Inequality Communication Form.

Student Reps: Mariah Loeffler-Kemp, Eleanor Harden, Josh Groven