What We Do:

The Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) manages the student activity fee and allocates it to on-campus organizations to fund speakers, events, and other aspects of campus life. To do so, we work with student organizations to review budget submissions and additional allocations, as well as solicit input from the student body for initiatives and procedural improvements that we may pursue.

The FAC, through its own review process, can allocate requests of up to $4000. Requests over $4000 first the FAC has to approve it and then it goes to the LB, rather than starting at the LB.  All FAC decisions can be appealed to the Legislative Body at their weekly meetings held at 1:00 p.m. on Thursdays.

2024-2025 Members:

Luke Evans (chair), Cooper Glick, Tor Olsson, David Christenfeld

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Macalester College Student Government Financial Code

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