Meet Your 2024-25 Executive Board!

The Executive Board is made up of the President, VP, SOC Chair, FAC Chair, AAC Chair, Cabinet Chair, and the Communications & Engagement Committee Chair.


Joel Sadofsky ’25

Pronouns: He/Him

Position: President

Major: Geography

Vice President

Ryan Connor ’25

Pronouns: He/Him

Position: Vice President

Major: Political Science/German

Student Organizations Committee Chair

Sean Maxfield ’26 (Fall)

Pronouns: He/Him

Position: SOC Chair

Major: Economics/Computer Science


Alec Chen ’26 (Spring)

Pronouns: He/Him

Position: SOC Chair

Financial Affairs Committee Chair

Luke Evans ’25

Pronouns: He/Him

Position: FAC Chair

Major: Political Science/Economics

Speaker of the Legislative Body – To Be Announced Fall 2024

Academic Affairs Committee Chair

Tristan Niedzielski ’25

Pronouns: They/Them

Position: AAC Chair

Major: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Cabinet Chair

Philomena Shuffelton-Sobe ’26

Pronouns: She/Her

Position: Cabinet Chair

Major: History

Communications & Engagement Committee Chair

Mena Feleke ’25

Pronouns: She/Her

Position: Communications & Engagement Committee Chair

Major: Political Science