Meet Your 2019-20 Cabinet


Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Robert Green ’23

PGPs: He/Him/His
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: As your Diversity & Inclusion Officer, I want Macalester to thrive and cherish its differences. I am passionate about building the power of communities of color, immigrants, low-income families, and LGBTQIA+ communities into the greater Macalester Campus. I believe in a platform of FIRM values: F standing for financial stability, I standing for the investment in students, R standing for racial dynamics, and M standing for minority engagement.


Community Engagement Officer

Charlie Lam-Lu ’22

PGPs: He/Him/His
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: I believe that more support should be provided for lower-income students, especially first years. Macalester has all of the organizations and resources needed; what we need to do now is connect the students with the means to best take advantage of those resources. I want to help with that process.



Sustainability Officer

Alessandro Mauceri ’20

PGPs: He/Him/His
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: My goals as MCSG Sustainability Officer is to facilitate the integration of sustainability into the identity of the Macalester student body, promote sustainability as an educational priority on campus, sponsor sustainability initiatives into MCSG decisions, and collaborate with the student body to address their concerns. Sustainability goes far beyond what happens at Macalester, but we have the opportunity to make a difference and set an example for other