Meet Your 2018-19 Representative Committee

Class of 2019

Brian Yu

FAC Member

PGPs: He/Him/His
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: I choose to participate in Macalester College Student Government because is provides an opportunity to engage with the student body and enact change on Macalester’s campus. I have served on the Financial Affairs Committee for the last two years. I have helped allocate the student activity fee to various organizations that are vital to maintaining our campus community. I am interested in working on improving mental health resources and diversity on our college’s campus. I also look forward to strengthening MCSG’s relationship with the Career Development Center and Admissions in the upcoming year.


Garrett Schoonover 

AAC Member

PGPs: he, him, his
Interesting Hobbies: I like tying knots
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: I think that student government is an important means for giving voice to students’ concerns and ideas. I love listening to people, and I hope I can help on any topic. I want to talk about student performing spaces, Facing Forward, and student organizing


Yafiet Bezabih

SSRC Member



Lucia Hunt

SSRC Member

PGPs: she, her, hers
Interesting Hobbies: I love anything and everything outside — from playing sports (I am on the Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team) to backpacking and hiking adventures. This summer I spent a lot of time working with an urban farm called Frogtown Farm and I’ve gotten really into cooking and learning about vegetables! In addition to vegetables I am a big fan of nuts & oats and like to make homemade granola with friends. I get excited by thrift shopping and I also love spontaneous dance parties especially in the kitchen or the stacks of Dewitt Wallace.
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: Students have such great ideas! Student government allows students to communicate with the administration to make positive changes in our community. I want to focus on the integration of the upperclassman off campus students into the Macalester Community. Often, students are excited to live off campus, but then feel isolated from their peers, and also the resources that Mac provides. I want to make sure that these students still feel part of the Mac community and also know what services are still available to them while living off campus. I also want to work with Financial Aid and Cafe Mac to propose ideas for a more affordable and reasonable meal plan option for off campus students as an alternative to the commuter plan. Lastly, I want to work with expanding the Macward Bound program (especially in regards to providing scholarships), and other mentoring programs so that there is more connection between underclass and upperclass students.


Aidan Teppema

FAC Member

Class of 2019


Stacy Gerondelis

SSRC Member

PGPs: she, her, hers
Interesting Hobbies: I like reading, listening to a wide variety of music, and learning languages.
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: I think student government is important because it allows us to serve as a connection between the student body and the administration. It is a way for students to have a voice in larger matters concerning Macalester. I like to talk about diversity and inclusion on campus and on MCSG, mental health, and personal identity and how it’s addressed on campus. I also think talking about the relationship between domestic and international students is important.


Andy Han

AAC Member

PGPs: he, him, his
Interesting Hobbies: I enjoy drinking tea and watching Antiques Roadshow
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: Student government is important because it allows students to be stakeholders in the college and the college’s affairs. MCSG is the loudspeaker for the students’ voices. I want every Macalester student to have the best possible academic experience. This means ensuring they have access to affordable textbooks, comfortable and large study spaces, opportunities related to internships and careers after college, and top-notch learning both inside and outside the classroom. In addition, I will make sure that major changes that affect student life will not go forward without proper student input.


Nikhita Jain

SOC Member

PGPs: she, her, hers
Interesting Hobbies: My hobbies are reading playing the piano and scuba diving.
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: It is a voice for the students. I like to talk about new ideas for orgs and would love to help you charter one!


Matthew O’Brien

AAC Member

 PGPs: he, him, his
Interesting Hobbies: 
I play soccer, club hockey, and club frisbee. 
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: 
After working as MCSG staff for a year I’ve seen the wonderful things student government can do and I want to be a part of the student body making life, and the college as a whole, better. I’m very interested in looking at creating a club sports captain council and continuing the conversation about test. Optional and seeing the policy implemented.


Taneeya Rele

FAC Member

Class of 2020


Blair Cha
SSRC Member

PGPs: she, her, hers
Interesting Hobbies: Sleeping, traveling, taking pictures, sunbathing.
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: It sets our school’s standard that students follow and brings various types of students together. Diminishing clique culture, sexual harassment, open-mindedness for various gender and sexuality, and active listening.


Natalie Luo
AAC Member

PGPs: she, her, hers
Interesting Hobbies: Dancing and trying new foods.
Importance of Student Government and Important Issues: It helps students to get their voice heard and their needs met more efficiently. Course selections and transparency of MCSG.


Kendra Roedl

FAC Member


Amritha Subramaniam

SSRC Member


Ikran Sheikh-Mursal 

SSRC Member

Class of 2021

We’d like to welcome the Class of 2021 Representatives to MCSG.

Congratulations to:

Sahra Abdirahman

Dexter Deng

Ogechi Egonu

Fatiya Kedir

Elliot Wareham