Employee Handbook

13.4 Protection of Personal and College Property

13.4.1 Personal Property

The College assumes no responsibility for the personal property of staff. This is also true with personal property used in the course of job-related activities. Theft and damage are often covered under homeowners or tenants insurance, and if not presently covered, they may be included by requesting an endorsement from your insurance agent.

13.4.2 College Property

With several exceptions (audio visual equipment, musical instruments), all College property is insured with a $500 deductible. This means that the first $500 of any loss, fire, theft or vandalism is the College's expense, and your care and precaution are essential to minimize losses. Please secure your departmental and personal property at all times.

13.4.3 Return of College Property

See section 3.17 regarding release of the final paycheck in the event College property is not returned by the employee.